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Jimmy Dean: Big Bad John – The Original LP Plus All His Hit Singles 1953 – 1962

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Number of Discs: 1
No. of Tracks: 28
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Bumming Around; Deep Blue Sea; Love Me So I'll Know; Little Sandy Sleighfoot; Sing Along; Big Bad John; Dear Ivan; The Cajun Queen; To A Sleeping Beauty; P.T. 109; Steel Men; Little Black Book; Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight; I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake; Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette; Sixteen Tons; Make The Waterwheel Roll; Gotta Travel On; Oklahoma Bill; Night Train To Memphis; Grasshopper Mac Clain; Please Pass The Biscuits; Have You Ever Been Lonely; Nobody; I Was Just Walkin' Out The Door; The Darktown Poker Club; Kentucky Means Paradise; Big Bad John (Excerpt Of Revised Ending)