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Peter Sellers: Goodness Gracious Me!

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Goodness Gracious Me!; With Sophia Loren; Any Old Iron; I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me; So Little Time; Boiled Bananas and Carrots; My Old Dutch; Puttin' on the Smile; Bangers and Mash with Sophia Loren; Grandpa's Grave; The Trumpet Volunteer; All the Things You Are; I'm So Ashamed; A Drop of the Hard Stuff; Setting Fire to the Policeman; Face to Face; Need the Money; I Fell in Love with an Englishman; The Contemporary Scene (Part 1); The Contemporary Scene (Part 2); Wouldn't It Be Loverly; Common Entrance; "Smith" An Interview With Sir Eric Goodness With Graham Stark; You Keep Me Swingin'; Party Political Speech; Jakka and the Flying Saucers (Part 1 & 2); Ukulele Lady with The Temperance Seven; Africa Today; Balham-Gateway to the South; We'll Let You Know; Shadows On the Grass; Why Worry?; Fare Thee Well With Sophia Loren; Suddenly It's Folk Song; Oh! Lady Be Good; Auntie Rotter; Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin