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Sounds of the Unexpected: Weird & Wacky Instrumentals From Pop’s Final Frontiers

MSRP: $17.98
SKU: 93549
Number of Discs: 1
No. of Tracks: 24
Qty in Stock: 16
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Watusi Zombie Jan Davis; Savage Girl Felix & His Fabulous Cats; Mad Train Andre Brasseur; War Of The Worlds The Atlantics; Funky Me Timmy Thomas; Caravan Gabor Szabo; Hot Pot The Tornados; Aztec Bo Diddley (Lead Guitar By The Duchess); R. F. D. Rangoon The Forbidden Five; Watusie Freeze Pt 1 Big Walter (Price) & The Thunderbirds; Flameout The 101 Strings; Music To Watch Space Girls By Leonard Nimoy; Uh Oh The Imps; Waltz In Orbit Ray Cathode; Moog Indigo Jean Jacques Perrey; Space Walk The Astros; Hung Over The Martinis; The Sheik Ray Ellis & His Orchestra; B'wana Bongos Preston Epps; Long Sentence The Upsetters; It's Karate Time Travis Wammack; Zocko The Ventures; Misirlou Martin Denny;  Russian Roulette The Zanies