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The Bickersons: Put Out the Lights

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Blanche: Why don’t you kiss me goodnight?

John: I’m not facing that way.

Created and written by Philip Rapp, Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson were the first married couple on radio to have a truly adversarial relationship. Scathing, sarcastic and comical, John and Blanche would fight about anything. Although they often argued about Blanche’s good-for-nothing brother, she would certainly insist that the big troubles were caused by John’s snoring and her resulting insomnia. There was nothing sweet or tender about their pillow talk, but it sure was funny!

The eight digitally restored and remastered battles of the sexes featured in this set star Don Ameche, Frances Langford, and Lew Parker. Sideline referees may wish to consult the accompanying Program Guide, written by Ben Ohmart, which includes pictures and information about the accursed couple.

Episodes Include: Drene Time: Everybody Has a Baby 01-05-47, Amos the Driving Instructor 02-23-47, Blanche Bets On The Horses 03-16-47; The Bickersons: Pink Slip (Audition) 12-13-48, The Fatal Anniversary Present 06-05-51, The Gooseby Vacation: 07-10-51, Blanche's Expensive Injury 07-17-51, John's Snoring Dilemma 08-21-51